It’s All In A Sick Day

There is nothing worse than a sick kid.

The bodies that are usually in constant motion are limp and lethargic.

The eyes that usually have a glint of mischieviousness are dull and heavy.

The constant chit-chat that at times drives you INSANE is replaced by silence, with an occasional nod or shake of the head to answer your questions.

And their aim when they have to puke is really, really awful.

Yesterday Sweets was home sick for the 2nd day in a row. Pi was home with her and he wasn’t feeling so hot himself. I get a call around 8am at the office; “can you come take Noggin to the nanny’s because Sweets is puking everywhere.”

Okay then.

I live all of 5 blocks from work, so I get home in record time to see the beginning signs of another puke episode…..


Yep. So 2 down in my house.

Pi walks down and looks like death warmed over. I thought it was from the experience of cleaning up the Linda Blair incident, but he says:

“My throat is on fire”.

3 down.

I am feeling fine. I will probably start feeling not so fine oh, somewhere around Thursday night when my WEEKEND ALONE begins. That’s right. I am going to the beach on Friday morning BY MYSELF. Which just about guarantees that I will get some sort of super bug that will knock me out of commission.

I am staying far, far, far away from my family for the next 24 hours….

“Pi, I am working late tonight…you’ve got the kids, right?”

Have a great crazy day!


One thought on “It’s All In A Sick Day

  1. I always get sick on weekends….but I would have to be dying to miss out on a beach weekend alone 🙂 Fingers crossed you stay healthy until after weekend FUN..

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