Weekend in Review and a Glimpse of a Well Messied House

What with all the torrential downpours that besieged us over the weekend, there was a LOT of indoors time aka “how to keep the kids busy without going insane time” or “Sweets pulling out every toy/book/puzzle/thing with a million pieces time”. This is what my morning looked like.


You are welcome for the gratuitus dog crotch licking scene. Sweets had a trip to time out  approximately .5 seconds after this video which may or may not have been more related to mommy stepping on a game piece than Sweets actually breeching a house rule. Mommy of the year awards were given out early in the morning in our household. If you noticed in that video, the coffee cup was still rather full. Let’s just blame it on lack of caffeine and move on.

DC has possibly shifted closer to the equator given the heat, humidity and the new “rainy season”. As Sweets said, “It’s crazy hot!”. That being said, we also managed to log in some fun outside time.

Yards Park

Yards Park

Yards Park is a great place to hang out on a hot afternoon. The fountains aren’t crazy busy, and the wade pool is  merely knee deep. My lifeguarding skills were put to work by every once in a while when Sweets seemed like she needed help I’d call out, “stand up!”

"swimming" aka "crawling"

“swimming” aka “crawling”

Mahlie insists she no longer needs swim lessons because she already knows how. Nevermind that she refuses to put her face in the water.


I was prepared for some resistance from Noggin, but nary a complaint.

Noggin waterFamily outing was going quite well! We even went out to lunch afterwards and Mahlie only exhibited her “butt-butt” dance once. It goes something like this:


She’s someone refined it, and I’m not so sure that is a good thing. Good thing she is so well behaved otherwise out in public. How is that possible you are asking yourselves? Years of parenting experience and expertise. HAHAHA! Kidding. Bribes and threats.

Notice lovely summer type brew in the lower right hand corner.

Notice lovely summer type brew in the lower right hand corner.

We also spent some quality time with Grammy and GrandBill, where we took dinner and cooked for them. Sweets and Pi were busy running “races” around the yard. By “races” I mean “running Sweets ragged so she will go to sleep at a decent hour”. And GrandBill worked with Sweets on a puzzle in a picture perfect moment.

puzzle w.grandbillRight after this she moved all the puzzle pieces over to me and asked me to help.

“But GrandBill is helping you!”

Sweets: “No, he doesn’t know how to do it right”. 🙂

Ah, family.

We had a great weekend and now Pi has gone off to some golf tournament and the girls and I have the run of the house. That is positive speak for “I am running around crazy trying to make sure everything gets done and we’re out the door on time.” Which, unfortunately means I did not get a shower this morning (thankfully I showered yesterday before Pi left, and here is hoping I get another one in before he gets back tomorrow!). Which would have been okay had Sweets not loudly exclaimed at school this morning when I dropped her off and went to give her a kiss goodbye:

“No way mommy! You are all stinky! You didn’t even take a shower this morning!”

Ah, family.

Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review and a Glimpse of a Well Messied House

  1. I’m so glad you linked up the dance video. Your child will be horribly scarred later in life when she discovers that you put that on uTube… :

    • Yep. Yep she will. It will make up for her announcing to a room full of people “these are MY mommies boobies!” and pulling down my shirt. Or loudly announcing upon returning to our seats at a restaurant, “good thing mommy didn’t poop because it would have stunk in there!”
      It all evens out in the end. 😉

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