Friday’s Photo Finish and How To Be A Bag Lady

Bag of Stuff

Bag of Stuff

This is what greeted me on the couch when I got home yesterday. My awesome co-worker, a renowned bag lady, had an “extra” Vera Bradley tote she thought Sweets would love. And love it she does.

She uses it to cart loads of her stuff from one area of the house to the next.  It is a way for her to make our house a mess as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Give a girl a bag, and she will fill it.

That’s right; we are Bag Ladies, all of us. Because not just ONE bag will do. I don’t walk out the door in the mornings with less than 3 on any given day. That’s right: THREE.


How did this happen? I will tell you.


1. There is so much to do during the day and only so many arms to carry all the stuff you need to do it! Going to work means my purse of essentials. Essentials equals: 15 pens, my grocery list/menu planning book (which was last used in October of 2012), sunglasses, wallet, wipes, wipes, more wipes, chocolate (in a hidden pocket), lady products (also in hidden pocket and which will most likely come flying out when discreetly trying to access hidden chocolate and now I need to explain where the chocolate came from and “what’s that for mommy?”) ,lotion, 9 chapsticks, receipts from 2011 crumpled up in the bottom, and an assortment of hair ties. Then there is the lunch bag. The lunch bag sometimes contains an actual lunch. Often it contains bags of random snacks because who has time to pack lunch for themselves? And the the exercise bag. HAHAHAHA! I actually carried my exercise bag here to work 4 weeks ago and it is still in my office, same work out clothes. NOT dirty.

2. They are so pretty! Dagnabit Vera Bradley and Coach! Your seasonal patterns and styles make me think I cannot live one more second without you. I have so much stuff to carry….let me carry it in style. And let me carry you all at once, even if your patterns and colors don’t match and now I look like some sort of multi-color circus clown bag lady.

3. Kids. Kids is why we need bags. Did you hear in Sweden how they give every couple a box of “essentials” to take home when you have a baby (and the box is then used as a bed, NOT KIDDING, but that is a post for another time!). Because kids generate loads of stuff that you need to carry around of which approximately 1% of it you’ll actually use. In a typical infant bag- 20 diapers (you know, in case of multiple blow outs in the 1 hour trip to Target), 4 containers of wipes of varying fullness, 9 outfits (again, blowouts), 20 different toys (in case they get bored chewing on one of them, we can have a multitude of toys for them to chew on, even though we all know they will just end up chewing on their foot or the store cart handle). And if you are packing for a trip? Forgetaboutit. You need 4 outfits for every day for each type of weather you might encounter. And don’t forget snacks. There must be snacks. 10 different kinds of snacks of which a sample of each is smooshed into the bottom of your bag. Which makes it dirty and stinky. Which means….more bags.

So, when I see this bag of stuff on the couch I think, and so it begins. She is just one in another generation of bag ladies in the making.

How many bags do you carry around?

Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo Finish and How To Be A Bag Lady

  1. Why do you need to bring a bag with work out clothes? Your awesome co-worker and I haven’t see you working out for quite some time!!!

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