Weekend in Review

First: Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Pi.

Pi and Sweets on their way to the driving range.

Pi and Sweets on their way to the driving range.

I could say all kinds of WONDERFUL things about him here, but he doesn’t read my posts, so what is the point in that?? I can say THANK YOU PI for keeping your daughter alive out on the driving range this weekend with only one close encounter when she ran out onto the driving range. I’d say success, right?

First shot.

First shot.

Our weekend was full of fun and meltdowns, as per usual.

Why didn't I go to the driving range?

Why didn’t I go to the driving range?

And many heartwarming moments.

Pi's father's day card

Pi’s father’s day card

I “interviewed” Sweets about her Daddy and the results were awesome. My favorite was:

“What is Daddy’s favorite treat?”

Sweets: “Me!”

And she would be right. ❤

Another heartwarming moment came when Sweets came into the kitchen and asked:

“Mommy, can I help you cook tonight?”

Sigh. Heart melting.

Separating swiss chard stems from leaves. You know how they say they will be more likely to eat what they help cook? Apparently not swiss chard.

Separating swiss chard stems from leaves. You know how they say they will be more likely to eat what they help cook? Apparently not swiss chard.

And let me tell you, she WAS HELPFUL.

She washed potatoes and separated the swiss chard- 2 tasks that just make cooking that much longer. And she seasoned the pork chops with what I can only describe as pepper mountains.

Right now Sweets is in a “raw” diet craze. It’s not that our green bean bushes haven’t produced any beans, she’s just eaten them all right off the bush!

Caught in the act

Caught in the act

We actually caught ourselves saying, “stop eating all the green beans!” Then we decided that was crazy, who tells their kids to STOP eating green beans?

Working for her dinner

Working for her dinner

So we had her harvest what was left and her side veggie dish was raw green beans. And we FINALLY got her to eat a cucumber- after many blechs, yucks and I DON’T LIKE THEM’s- and SHOCKER she loved it.

SJ on the other hand just started eating solid foods and her first veggie was peas.

Don't worry, pea happy!

Don’t worry, pea happy!

Which led me to my next crazy idea.

I am going to make all her baby food. You know why? Because the peas that come out of the pouch- the most organic, all natural stuff I could find- comes out a brownish green and tasted a bit like mud.

The stuff I pureed was bright green and I must say, delicious. She’s lucky she got any because I ate quite a bit- you know, testing it out.

So yeah, I am sure everyone is going to be waiting anxiously for the post where I talk about how I’ve kicked homemade baby food making to the curb and am feeding her spaghetti-o’s right from the can- and that very well may happen- but for now I am on a mission. I will keep y’all updated. I got 2 awesome baby food cookbooks (at least the covers look pretty!) and I am all gung-ho with my Vitamix.

Sweets also got her hair cut. We go to The Hair Cuttery (because I am NOT paying my salary for a little girls haircut!) and she INSISTS on a specific person, so we always have to wait like an hour because he is very in demand. But you know what- she gets right up in the chair, does what he says and doesn’t whine. You know why? Because the first time she got her hair cut with him he sprayed her in the face with a water bottle. I kid you not. He uses aversive techniques. Well, kidding about that because seems toddlers LOVE getting sprayed in the face and love even more the THREAT of getting sprayed in the face and will sit still and follow directions the ENTIRE. TIME. I was even able to leave and go use the bathroom. That is a  big deal

hair cut

No spray bottle in sight. She must have been good.

Oh, and in other big news, SJ CAN SIT ON HER OWN!

You know how we found this out? When we were at the doctor’s office last week (you know, at the appointment where they freaked me out) and they gave me the “what your child may/should be doing”. One of the items was “sitting on their own”.

Hmmm. Not sure about that. Let’s try it out.

And VOILA! She remained upright! Right until the moment she fell backwards and there was a VERY.LOUD. “THUNK” as her noggin hit the wall (c’mon man, let’s lay off the noggin!). Good going, mommy of the year.

But now she’s sitting all the time (with plenty of cushioning behind her) and I got this wonderous photo.



So, in summary:

Sweets didn’t get injured on the golf course and she is now my cinderella in the kitchen.

SJ can sit up and can make some awesome angry baby faces.

Pi is an awesome daddy.

I am a lucky mommy.

Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

  1. What a wonderful weekend. I always wondered where M got her hair cut. (well not always) It always looks so perfect. Love your posts. J.

    • Well, the one time she got it cut Chez Me, it was a bit crooked. Yes, wonderful weekend in which I need a weekend to recover.

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