Friday’s Photo Finish and A Mommy Freak-Out

The most perfect head. My  silly head.

The most perfect head. My silly head.

How can looking at this priceless little gem NOT make your Friday? It makes my Friday, I can tell you that. That lil Silly Head is perfect. I mean her actual head- not her. She could do a lot better job at warning us about poop blow outs instead of one of us realizing because we have poop all over our arm. So she needs to work on that. But her head- the size, shape and growth of it? Doing great.

BUT. That comes after the BIG MOMMY FREAK OUT at the doctor’s office. You know how to freak out a mommy? Give her a prescription that looks like this:


Because this is what a mommy sees:

scary white

Yes, I had a full blown mommy freak out. Okay, the freak out was mostly in my head, but let me tell you, it was awesome…all the dark thoughts that no mommy wants to have to think about regarding their little baby.

Let me back up a bit. Sarah’s head has been a bit on the flat side. Probably from all the times I’ve laid her down and then totally forgotten about her. So we had an eval to see if her noggin was so misshapen that she’d need a helmet to help make it a bit more….not looking like a silver-back gorilla head. (and before everyone gets all “omg, how can a mom say that about her child?” I want to clarify that her daddy said that.)

The eval recommended a helmet, but once at the doctor’s office she said that it looked way better than 2 months ago and she wasn’t concerned, it seems to be filling out. So, phew, right?

Um, no.

During Sarah’s physical I noticed the doctor poking the top of her head a bit while measuring. I asked what she was doing and she said she was trying to find her soft spot.

She didn’t really find it.

So, hence the scary ass prescription.

I asked questions about why is that a bad thing- isn’t it good when the soft spot closes up?

Not really- it’s open so that when baby brains grow into their genius brains they have room to do so by allowing the skull to expand.

If it’s closed, brain gets all squished up and stuff (I am sure there is a better term for it, but really, that’s what it means).

So I asked about treatment and she said, “well, they send you to a specialist.”  I am no doctor, but my dad is a lawyer and I know someone not exactly answering a question when I hear it.

“Okay, but what is the treatment?”

“Well, the specialists would look into options.”

(Damn, how can lawyers STAND it??)


That was the first thing I shouldn’t have done: pushed her into answering.



Then I did the second thing I should’t have done.

Damn Google.

Seems that the one and only option for what is called craniosynostosis is surgery. A 3-7 hour long surgery. That typically requires blood transfusions.


Since you’ve already seen the beautiful picture of my lil silly heads perfectly happy head, you’ve probably already figured out how this ends, which means I need to really work on my writing skills and building suspense.

In the end the radiologist at Children’s Hospital said everything looks great and that there are NO CONCERNS.

Which is awesome. But it sort of makes me want to punch the pediatrician right in the va…..

So happy Friday everybody! Go kiss  your lil loves’ noggins!

Have a great crazy day!


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo Finish and A Mommy Freak-Out

  1. Sadly the Doctors have to cover themselves & thus drives some of us crazy? And flat heads in babies the 1st 6 months is so normal as babies spend so much time on backs, & that is to supposedly prevent SIDS….So much to worry about is enough to drive us all crazy!! And when you become a grandma it gets even worse!!

  2. Punch the doctor in the …va-cuum? va-rnish? va-cancy? Virginia? va-ricose veins? va-lue pak coupon mailer? va-nilla extract?

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