This Is PRESCHOOL People!

Monday Sweets had her graduation stepping up ceremony from her “pre-school” class to her “pre-k” class. The invitations indicated “Sunday’s Best” for dress. There would be a pot luck in the classroom afterwards and each student could invite 2 guests aside from their parents. Sweets was all decked out in her super special butterfly dress and looked sweet as her name implies. She was so excited for her performance and giddy with the fact Grammy would meet her friends and teachers. It was going to be a good day.

Now, I’ve been to a lot of Sweets’ school activities, from holiday performances to parent training’s, chaperoned field trips and been in for parent breakfasts.

Nothing compared to this.

Except perhaps a flash mob, with less coordination and organization.

You would think these pre-schoolers were headed straight into college! There were bouquets of balloons with “congrats, graduate!” and “you did it!” and my favorite, a balloon in the shape of an owl stating, “you’re a wise one, graduate”. Now, let’s be real here people. It’s preschool. They may now know their alphabet and can count to 20 (though possibly still saying eleventeen and skipping 16 and saying 13 twice), but if they still need a change of clothes in case of toileting accidents, I would tone down the “graduate” talk.

They are moving classrooms. Going from downstairs to upstairs. Working on both lower and uppercase letters and their first and last names. They have learned it is not okay to scream in the classroom though have not quite been able to put that in practice when someone is taking their favorite toy. They have learned the basic practice of eating independently though most often walk away from lunchtime looking as if they’ve been in the worlds biggest food fight.

I would hold off on the wise, too. Wise means,

“knowing much from experience: able to make sensible decisions and judgments on the basis of personal knowledge and experience” (bing definition)

That is like the “anti-preschooler” definition. Preschoolers decide it is best to go through the mud puddle than around it. They think it is best to eat brownies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They think it is wise to use sharpie markers on mommy’s favorite chair. And their personal knowledge and experience so far is based largely on the teachings of a furry red monster with a high squeaky voice and a little girl playing unsupervised with a talking monkey.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. It is GREAT to see how Sweets has come out of her shell, participated in group settings without running and hiding in a corner and learned that a paleontologist plays with bones and your esophagus eats food.

I won’t call her a graduate quite yet, but I am way proud of her.

I wish I could say the same for some of the other families! Remember the article on yahoo a while back about the adults arrested for starting a brawl at a kindergarten graduation? Yeah, there was definitely the potential for that here. Because preschoolers are better at following directions than the adults. Here is what I learned  at this graduation “stepping up” ceremony.

Graduate cap

1. When preschoolers are told “fingers on our lips” to be quiet, they hush up. When parents are told to “hold applause until all students names are called” they do- except when their child’s name is called. Then they yell and scream like a tween when Justin Bieber is coming on stage, making it impossible for the  parents of the next child to hear their name being called.

2. When preschoolers are told to “sit in your own space”, they sit criss-cross applesauce in their own space and no one else’s. When parents are told to take a seat or stand in the back, they do. Until their child is performing- then they stand up, move to the front of the stage and block everyone else while they videotape and take a bazillion pictures. The parents that are sitting get a picture of half their child and half of the back of some strangers head.

3. When a preschooler is told “wait your turn”, they do. When parents are told to wait until kids are served their lunch, they act as if they didn’t hear and fill up their plate like they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

But you know- it was a great day. My little graduate now in prek’er was happy as a clam that mommy and daddy and grammy saw her perform, and I was happy as a clam that my little beauty got up in front of an entire auditorium full of people and very quietly so no one could hear, gave her first solo act, singing a line from her favorite song, “This Girl Is On Fire”. 

Because that girl IS on fire. Congrats my Sweets, mommy is so proud.

Have a great crazy day!

A Mother Life

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8 thoughts on “This Is PRESCHOOL People!

  1. Oh so cute……and so true about people 🙂 We were at a middle school graduation that had so many parents SCREAMING with delight & then we thought that maybe this was as far as their child would get?

    • The Principal actually had to start the ceremony off by saying, “This will be the first of MANY celebrations in your child’s life. This is the first step.” I think people actually complained that they weren’t calling it graduation, which is why she had to say that in the first place. I hope parents place higher expectations than preschool on their kids!

  2. I’m confused. So when my two and a half year old was wearing a graduation cap and holding his special certificate – this was not a moment I will remember forever? There are more significant memories to come?

    Totally with you girl!!!!! At least my child was in shorts and a guitar shirt:)

  3. First off, yaaaaay to her for “advancing” down the hall to pre-K! Secondly…yes, I do agree, the “graduate” and “wise one” is a bit over the top! I find it funny though that those comparisons are so sooo true too. Sometimes “adults” can be a mess! Thanks for linking up!

  4. That is such a huge moment. Every year that ends is incredibly emotional (for me, anyway). No matter what the counting and handwriting skills have amounted to, kids at this age are growing so fast and learning so much it can be overwhelming when the growth is marked by ceremony. I hope you had a great day and brought lots of Kleenex!;)

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