Weekend in Review


This weekend did just about did everyone in! SJ is all tuckered out in a “oh woes is me, someone feed me grapes and fan me, quick!” position. It was a long weekend, to be sure, so I don’t blame her. Though, to be honest, that should be ME crashed out in nap bliss. We had family in town so there were cousins and bbq’s and friends and water play and the zoo. Phew! So instead of Friday’s Photo Finish, I give you our weekend in review in photo’s.

cousins walk

First, we had Family Field Day at Sweets’ school. It had to be moved inside because of a “tropical depression” (yay…start of hurricane season). Nothing says indoor field day fun like a good parachute game.

ParachuteNeedless to day, a full day of Field Day Fun ending with a birthday party equaled major crankiness and a bedtime meltdown of epic proportions. Then I wake up to this:

Bed head beauty.

Bed head beauty.

Hard to be irritated with that disheveled little person.

Saturday Pi’s brother and his girlfriend came down with their little boy so we went over to my sister-in-law’s house for an all day smoker. Oh, and we were babysitting our neighbor’s daughter so we just decided to take her for the day and have her sleep over. You know, because that’s easier. Or we’re just glutton’s for punishment. With 8 hours of running amok, we finally get this at 10pm:

Princess Sleeping Bag Sleepover

Princess Sleeping Bag Sleepover

Now mind you, a busy day and late night did NOT equal sleeping in. Nope, at 6am they were wide eyed and I was caffeine free, so I sent them back to their room and not to come out until they heard the beep of the coffee machine with threats of the “mommy beast” they would encounter if they came out even a second sooner. It worked. Though there was some opening of the door, peering out and screaming and slamming said door when they saw me, which then woke my other sleeping beauty.


Good thing we were zoo bound!

Perfect place to let your kids run around like animals.

Perfect place to let your kids run around like animals.

The National Zoo really is a great family outing because THEY SERVE BEER! Well, that’s not the only reason. You get to see this pretty amazing sight:

Orangutauns Crossing on the Monkey Ropes

Orangutauns Crossing on the Monkey Ropes

And seriously, they have good beer. Locally brewed. So really we are supporting local businesses. I am nothing if not supportive of my local entrepenuers.

Of course with all the exotic aniamals to choose from, these were Mahlie’s favorites.

Cow butt

Cow butt

piggieAnd then she wanted to go see all the different kinds of animal poop.

Of course.

Then there was the requisite carousel ride:


And SJ’s favorite animal, the giraffe. Unfortunately there are no giraffes at the National Zoo anymore, so SJ brought her own:

Cutest Giraffe Exhibit

Cutest Giraffe Exhibit

Then we all head back to our house for a cookout, tired kids were watching Madagascar, tired parents were enjoying ice cold beers- the world was as it should be. It was a great weekend with family and friends and while exhausted, I am happy to add another “rock star mom” weekend to my books.

Today is Sweets’ “Stepping Up” ceremony and her Grammy is on her way to come join us. Then tomorrow is the last day of school and we have 3 days of scrambling to find something to do with Sweets since we totally forgot we had these 3 days to plan for before her schools summer program starts on next Monday.

Good times, good times.

Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

    • No, I cannot stand it! Which is so totally annoying, them being all cute and stuff because it’s SO. HARD. to maintain any kind of authority when they are being super cute causing trouble when I am thinking to myself, “but look, how cute are they!?” when I should be saying, “if you do not go to bed right now we are never going to the zoo again to see cow butt!”

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