Why Does Bandaid Make Princess Design Bandages and Why Do I Keep Buying Them?

Princess Bandaids

Okay, Bandaid and other bandage makers. I get it. When kids get a boo-boo it is nice to calm their fears and tears with a familiar beloved face of Snow White. Or Cinderella. Or Belle. Or Jasmine. Or Ariel.

Yes, I get it. Let’s make having a cut that bleeds a less traumatic experience. Let’s dry their tears with Princesses. And there are other characters, too, don’t worry boys. Cars and Spongebob and Toy Story. They are all there, ready to patch up your scraped knees, cut fingers and stubbed toes.


How about the fact that kids SOOOOOO love their favorite Princess or cartoon character that they are inventing injuries in dramatic fashion in order to plaster themselves with your lovely bandages?

“Mommy, my finger has had this cut for a really long time. I need a band-aid. Oh, the Princess Ariel one.”

“Mommy, my toes has a mark on it, I need a band-aid. Cinderella please!”

“Mommy, look, my finger is bleeeeeeeding!” Upon careful examination with a magnifying glass I notice a slightly red mark that looks suspiciously like the strawberry jam she had for breakfast.

And I partially blame myself because I BUY THEM. Before last night my daughter was bandage free. She even had legitimate scrapes on her toes that she was fine with just applying “special lotion” (aka- vaseline).

Then we went to the store and I saw Princess band-aids and I thought to myself, “Hmmm. We’re out and Sweets seems to be over her bandage obsession. I’ll get the Princess ones because she’ll like those and they’ll come in handy for the next time she gets scraped up which in all likelihood will occur within the next few minutes”

Sweets: “Ooooh, Mommy are those MY bandages?”

Me: “Yes Sweets, for the next time you get a scrape or a cut because we are out. But only if you are bleeding.”

Fast Forward to 9:00pm, an hour past Sweets’ bedtime.

“Mommmmmy! My finger is BLEEEEEEEDING!”

Sweets comes downstairs and shows me her slightly red finger which is most likely caused by her constant nail biting.

“Well, that’s just a little red. I don’t think we want to waste a Princess bandage on a red finger.”

“But Moooommmmmyyyy! It’s been red for lots of time! I neeeeeeed a  band-aid!”

So, I get her a band-aid, wrap it around her perfectly fine finger, and go back to finishing dinner.

Fast forward 5 minutes later.

“Moooommmmy! I need a band-aid for my other finger!”

O.M.G. So I go upstairs and she has the ENTIRE box of band-aids out on her bed and there are 6 sticking onto her dresser, kind of like how when you are using lots of tape you cut off a lot at a time and stick them to the side of the table? Yes, that is what she did with her Princess band-aids. In case she needed more “in a couple of days.”

Clearly the Princess band-aid obsession is back in full force. She is now covered in Princess band-aids and is so excited to show her teachers her “boo-boo’s”.

Why, Band-aid, Why?


2 thoughts on “Why Does Bandaid Make Princess Design Bandages and Why Do I Keep Buying Them?

    • HAHA! My niece used to put them on her belly button when she had a “tummy ache” and it always made her feel better.
      Sweets just puts them everywhere.

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