Imagine This….

It’s a cold and rainy night….

C’mon, don’t go away. Bear with me. This is worth it. I swear. I’ll stop with the cheesy opening line.

It’s a cold and rainy night and my hands are full of more things than an octopus has arms to carry. Because you know what I HATE?

Making multiple trips out to the car to carry stuff inside.

Once I am out of the car and to the house, I do not want to go back outside again. Because ultimately what will happen is that I will forget to go back out and the car trunk will be open and Pi will come home and be all, “why is the car trunk open?” and I’ll say, “OMG I totally forgot!” and Pi will say, “You have the memory of a fruit fly” (which I am assuming has a very short memory- or maybe that’s life span, I can’t remember. But if it has a short life span then it’s memory can’t be all that long, right?).

So when I come home this is what I potentially have to carry inside:

5 bags of groceries. One including EGGS (That actually counts as 2 because of how fragile it is) so REVISION:

5  6 Bags of groceries

1 preschooler’s back-pack

1 preschooler’s coat that she won’t carry

1 preschooler’s homework folder (HOMEWORK FOR A PRESCHOOLER!?!) that she won’t carry

1 infant diaper bag

1 infant bottle cooler bag that won’t fit in diaper bag

1 infant car seat carrying said infant

I would gladly load up my pack like the Grinch when he stole Christmas so I would not need to go back out to that car.

grinchBut then when you get to the door, you have no free hand to get your keys. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I could get the keys out and ready beforehand but hey I love a good challenge of rummaging through my over-sized purse to fish out my car keys when I’m carrying a Grinch Sized Pack. That is my sarcasm font, fyi.

What I need is an automatic front door. One that doesn’t require any buttons to push or password to punch in or even a verbal remark to make to open up (if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you have probably recognized that I FORGET EVERYTHING). I just need it to open. Without my having to DO ANYTHING. It just needs to recognize that I am a mom with eggs and an infant and a whole bunch of crap in my hands that I can’t put down and look for my keys and it will just OPEN. UP.

SO. Who’s up for the challenge???

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