Weekend Rewind and ALL Your Questions Answered!

sleep eating

This weekend was one of those weekends where you say to yourself:

“I am a KICKASS mom!”

It totally buys me a few weekends of being a total lame-o mom so I am starting the summer off on top here, folks!

We did all the typical fun kid friendly summertime stuff:


Strawberry picking

Farm Petting Zoo

Farm Petting Zoo

Spray Park

Spray Park



It ended with an impromptu gathering of the neighbors on the front stoop where the adults drank ice cold beers and watched cars get snagged by the photo speed enforcer camera. Yes, that is exciting stuff when you are a parent, man!

The impromptu gathering of the neighbors and drinking of ice cold beers put a halt to plans of grilling on the back patio and ending our lovely weekend with a nice family dinner. Instead it ended with heated up mac and cheese, me falling asleep around 8pm and Pi ordering Chinese food.

But hey- we started out strong!

So…the above chock full o’ activities on the weekend is why I am largely absent from this post on weekends. Which leads me to:

Questions AnsweredThat’s right! Don’t think I don’t listen to my readers! You ask, and I will answer! You don’t ask, and I will make up the questions and answer them because really one of you was probably thinking it. And if you weren’t, well, you are getting an explanation anyways.

1. How Often Do You Write?

I am so glad you asked! I try and post 2-3 times per week during the week. I DO NOT post on weekends because that is time for my kiddo’s and collecting new stories for my blog. I can’t write if I don’t have subject matter, right?? Posts about how I spent my whole weekend on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, trolling the internet does not make for interesting reading. So I spend time with my kids. Okay, I don’t spend time with my kids JUST to get stories for my blog. I actually like hanging out with them because they are pretty funny and gosh darn cute.

2. Does Your Husband Read Your Blog?

Thanks for asking MQ! And no, no he does not. He is my greatest supporter that doesn’t read a thing I post. Why, you ask? Because he is concerned that he’ll get all, “But wait, that’s not how it happened!”. So now I can write anything about him I’d like and not reap any repercussions. Not that there would be any repercussions to reap…he’s a pretty laid back guy as long as there is no dirt. And by dirt I mean actual dirt, not gossip dirt. We’re old married people- not too much scandal going on other than the drinking beers on the front stoop cheering for all the snagged speeders. But he hates dirt. On the floor.

3. Why don’t you write about your students?

Ah, wonderful question! I work with students with special needs- intellectual disabilities, autism, multiple disabilities- and these guys are awesome. And there are great stories- success stories, heartwarming stories, heartbreaking stories, and really, really funny stories. BUT- they really aren’t mine to tell.

First, there is the issue of confidentiality. I do not want to infringe upon the privacy of my students. Also, it could get me fired. So there is that.

Second, there is the matter of opinion: some may think the funny stories I tell are making fun of my students instead of celebrating their joy or life and sharing their awesome quirky traits.

So that is why I don’t write about my students, even though they are awesome and totally worthy of accolades.

4. Why do you write?

For the fame and recognition, of course!


For all my 5 followers I am totally free for autographs!

But seriously. I love to read, I love to write, I love to tell stories and much of the time I crack myself up…. and usually at least one of the persons I am talking to thinks I tell a good story as well. So why keep all that a secret? I should share with the world!

Also if I don’t write down all the funny ass stuff my kids do I would never remember and when they ask me when they are older, “what were we like as kids?” I’d be all, “I’m not sure, go ask your father.”

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There- not so bad, right?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind and ALL Your Questions Answered!

    • I’m so glad! Feel free to stalk me on twitter. Sign up to follow MSKOC via email. I promise I will not take out a restraining order!

  1. We were driveway people with the cold beers even though we had decks and porches. Good times. Most of the original people have moved. Miss those days. Some kiddie dinners were cheerios with cremora. They thought it was just another Friday night. Kids had fun and got to stay up later with their friends. Love your posts. JB

    • Thanks JB! Did you all sit in fold out chairs around a cooler in the driveway? Because that would be awesome.

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