Friday Photo Finish (and a Mommy Rant)

Go fly a kite!

This picture warms my heart because it marks the first time 3M flew a kite. Read how she didn’t drown here.

But it also leads to my Mommy Rant and how there are a couple people I just want to tell “go fly a kite!”.

Or fuck off, whichever.

Here is my deal-io. I am all fired up. ALL. FIRED. UP.

My daughter’s school has a “student of the week” bulletin board and each week a student from each class is featured. Apparently they vote on it in class.

Last week we got the piece of construction paper for her “poster” and the form that SHE HAD BEEN NOMINATED! She was soooo very excited to make her poster.

Problem was, we went out of town for the weekend and forgot the poster and the pictures we were going to put on it at home.

No worries. I sent an email Tuesday to her teacher all “oh no, we forgot, we’ll send it tomorrow.”

3M was happily cutting out her pictures and pasting them on and adding stickers and so excited to show everyone her cousins and her dog and her favorite food, frozen beans (Seriously, when given pictures of lollipops, mini oranges or frozen beans (which she DOES eat, refuses to let me cook them), that is what she chose).

According to Pi the teachers were all ooohing and ahhing over her poster.

And then when I went in today to pick her up, it wasn’t on the bulletin board. Another student from her class, her “best friend”, her poster was up.

3M: “where is my poster, mommy?”

Me: ugh “I don’t know, maybe they are getting ready to put it up”.

Me to teacher: “When is 3M’s poster going up? She is so excited to see it.”

Teacher: “Well, she brought it in late so it didn’t get put up. We asked them to put it up but there is already another student from our class up there.”

Okay people, we are all reading that as “you, bad mommy, didn’t make sure her poster was done on time so NO POSTER FOR YOU!”


AND…this is what gets me so fired up…if 3M was nominated and it was her week then WHY WAS THERE ANOTHER STUDENT FROM HER CLASS UP THERE??? Wouldn’t it just be missing her class since it was HER WEEK??

OMG. Seriously, I don’t care that she comes home filthy dirty, that a majority of her after care hours were spent watching TV or that she missed the advanced reading group by one effing letter sound. But fuck with HER. WEEK???


Listen, I am a very attentive parent. She has completed her homework every week (HOMEWORK. She is in PRESCHOOL!) and has missed a total of 2 days of school ALL. YEAR. She is never late, and only picked up early for doctor’s appointments. I go to a butt load of parent trainings even though as a teacher/administrator I have actually conducted the trainings they are providing at my own school. I do it because I know how important it is to have parents involved.

So then, when her student of the week poster IS ONE DAY LATE and they give her spot to someone else?

Oh. No. They. Didn’t.

But realistically this is about as far as the wrath of mommy is going to go because I knonw it is a tad bit ridiculous that I am reacting this way and I don’t want them to be all, “oh my god did you see 3M’s mom go all psycho crazy?” because I am really not psycho crazy.

The fact that we put in any effort at all in the final days of school is remarkable. Want to read something about that? Jen Hatmaker, over on her blog,  has something to say about being the Worst End Of School Year Mom Ever.

Be prepared to laugh out loud and have whatever beverage you are drinking come out your nose. Consider yourself warned and read it HERE.

How’s the end of your school year going?

Have a great Crazy Day!


2 thoughts on “Friday Photo Finish (and a Mommy Rant)

    • It IS, isn’t it?? You should have heard me at lunch! I was all, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” and “Child PLEASE!” on their asses….

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