Top 5 Memorable Memorial Day Weekend Moments

This Memorial Day Weekend kicked of the beginning of summer and I spent it in my most favorite spot in the world: at the beach. I joined a bazillion other people leaving at the same time, on the same road, going over the same bridge.

So that was fun.

But no matter: once at the beach, no matter the weather, no matter how long it took to get there, I am in my happy place.

With wine.


This Memorial Day Weekend I had many special moments, and several “mom of the year” moments. These were my top 5 memorable moments of Memorial Day Weekend.


1. 3M’s First Time Flying A Kite. This is NOT to be confused with “The First Time 3M Almost Drowned”, because she didn’t. Confused?


We were out for our 5 Year Anniversary, rescheduled since Pi was in Vegas for our actual Anniversary, because we are romantic that way. We had dinner at a restaurant that was right next to a kite shop, and since when you are out for your anniversary all you think and talk about is your kids, we got 3M her first kite.

She was so excited she started singing, “Let’s go fly a kite, up to the heighest heights”, or sometimes it was “up to the sky at night”, or “up to the poop in pie”. Whatever.



This picture was taken right AFTER the not-near-drowning incident, so you all now know this story has a happy ending, so please do not panic. Not that Pi anyone panicked.

This is what happened. Pi was showing 3M how to fly the kite, so of course it kept crashing. I told him to get further away from the ocean, but hey, what do I know about flying a kite? Well, I know that you should get further away from the ocean so that your child doesn’t run after her kite that has just crashed into it. She was all, “my monkey! I’ll get you!” (it was a kite in the shape of a monkey, in case some of you are now confused and wondering why my daughter was trying to save a monkey. Stop drinking).

She then proceeded to run into the ocean to save it, forgetting that she CANNOT SWIM. She went in a bit further than I was comfortable with, but not far enough to cause me to actually get out of my beach chair and go after her.

Listen, the ocean was calm, there was no crazy drop off, and the waves were around 1 foot high. If she got knocked down, she’d just need to stand up and she’d be fine. Put the phone down, stop calling Child Protective.

Of course Pi comes CHARGING to her rescue, sort of like in slow motion Baywatch form. Except not.

And I sat on my beach chair and laughed and then got pissed at myself for doing that because it made me miss the perfect opportunity to take a picture which would have been classic. My friend Amos was there, she will confirm that it was a funny, and at no time a life threatening, incident.

This post is getting out of hand. My daughter flew a kite and didn’t drown. Let’s move on.

2. Kids make you remember the simple things in life.

Remember how easy it was to make friends as a kid on the beach? You’d be down by the water, digging a hole, a kid your age would come along and say, “that’s a big hole” and you’d say, “wanna help?”, and they’d say, “sure” and you’d say, “okay, but don’t touch the purple shovel, that’s MINE.” and a friendship was born.

3M had that experience this weekend which was awesome because up until recently she has been really shy. So when a little girl came up to her and said, “whatcha doin?” and 3M said, “collecting rocks”, and the little girls said, “can I help?” and 3M said, “sure, do you know Nemo?” and then they got into an argument over the names of all the characters. Not kidding. But they did collect rocks and run around and look really cute and happy. And then the dad, who had been standing around all antsy because I think they were just on a walk and this is not what he bargained for, called his daughter over adn they walked away. 3M came to me all teary asking why her friend didn’t say goodbye. I sort of wanted to kick the dad in the shin.

But really, the making the friend part was awesome and totally cute.

Cute, right?

Cute, right?

3. Hanging out on a porch swing. Really, whenever you read a book about the beach by a southern author they ALWAYS have a porch swing and it seems so awesome and beachy. I love our porch swing. And 3M loves the porch swing, and now SJ loves the porch swing and I love this picture (though SJ looks like an absurdly huge baby):


Happiness is a porch swing

4. People Talk Too Loud On The Beach and Also Bring Strange Things With Them

People on the beach act like they are in their car and think that if they are at their beach umbrella no one else can hear them or see them.

This, folks, is not true. This is a conversation that, no matter how hard I try, I cannot unhear.

“PFFFFFTTTTT!”- random adult at next umbrella.

(Yes, that is my impression on a loud not polite bodily function noise that makes 3 year olds laugh and adults not laugh when it was made by other adults out in public.)

“OH MY GOD I FARTED!!!!”- random adult

“HAHAHA! My husband says “TREE FROGS!” whenever I do that!” HAHAHAHA!

3M: “Mommy, what’s tree frogs?”

yes, that happened.

Another absurd moment was this:

Dylan the Duck

Dylan the Duck

Yes, that is a duck. And a pet duck. He apparently “imprinted” on his owners and he now thinks he is a person and follows them around everywhere. Including the beach. They brought him a pool and he swam around in it all afternoon.

Seriously, the random adult at the next umbrella should have just blamed the duck.

5.A  Memorable Conversation.

While walking to the beach, 3M asked me why she didn’t have school. This was our conversation:

Me: “You don’t have school because it is Memorial Day”

3M: “Why?”

Me: “Because we are celebrating everyone that has fought for us to be able to do things that we want, like come to the beach and be with family.”

3M: “What did they do?”

Me: “They fought very hard for us to be safe.”

3M: “That was really nice of them.”

Me: “Yes, yes it was. And still is.”

3M: “Let’s go fly my kite.”

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

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A Mother Life

Have a great crazy day!


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Memorable Memorial Day Weekend Moments

    • Yes! Crazy odd, right? The kite situation made me laugh out loud too, and then beer…I mean soda, came out my nose. Nothing like a not-near drowning to make your day!

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  2. What a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Lovely! Found you through the Hump Day Hook-Up. 🙂

    FYI–Nice to see another “older” mom. I’m turning 42 soon and trying to convince my husband to have a 3rd child. (Mine are 2 1/2 and 11 months). I must be crazy.

    • Yes, you are crazy! But as you can tell by my blog title, I am all about the crazy. Good for you (I had my 2nd at 42, btw!)

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