Nap Envy

I have always loved stories of how little kids can fall asleep ANYWHERE and the photos to accompany them. My friends tell stories of how their kiddo’s fell asleep in their birthday cake, mid-dinner time face down in their plate of food, in the middle of the side walk, mid-sentence, on the dog, they are walking around the corner and BAM trip over their toddler fast asleep at the foot of the stairs. Too cute and funny.

I was SO. EXCITED. to think about sharing my own crazy pictures of my daughter falling asleep in crazy places.

Here’s what I’ve got:

lamby face

Not even a nap. But I love how she sleeps with that grimey lamb over her face.

on the couch

on a chair

Post Sleep-Over Crash. On the couch.

Post Sleep-Over Crash. On the couch.

That is IT folks. That is the extent of her crazy napping. It’s not even CLOSE to crazy. I have a serious case of nap envy and honestly, beyond the fact that I really miss having a 2 hour span of time to myself, I feel deprived of being able to take pics of my daughter in crazy ass nap positions and post them to the public ensuring embarrassment in later years.

So until then I get my laughs over at Naps Happen. She is guest blogging over at Rants From Mommyhood, so you should go check her out.

(I’d do the whole fancy link thing but the computer I am on is not “compatible” with that function. I could wait and do it all fancy later, but you’ll need to deal with my ancient post capabilities for now.)

Where are places YOUR kiddo has fallen asleep? Would love to hear from you! Pics would be even better- go to my FB page and share your crazy nap pics!

Have a great crazy day!


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