I typically write, with humor, things that go on in my house and the community around me. But there is nothing funny about what happened in Oklahoma yesterday. Tornado’s ripped through the state and life as they knew it came to a halt for the people living in the areas affected.

No houses

AP photo

I cannot imagine.

The home you grew up in, felt safe in- gone.

The school you were taught in, made friends in, played and learned in- gone.

The neighborhood you walked and rode bikes through- gone.

Your belongings- gone.

For some- family members are gone, in the violence of a storm.

I cannot imagine.

Devastation of the likes I cannot fathom.

Destruction of an entire community where people lived, worked, played- I cannot imagine.

Today entire communities of families are trying to pick up the pieces of what used to be their homes. Some of them will be coming to grips with the fact that they have lost loved ones.

Children. Children killed while in the sanctuary of their school. It is so terrifying for me to think of. I cannot imagine.

There is a lot today that I cannot being to imagine- their feelings of grief, their sense of loss, their feelings of helplessness.

What I pray they feel is hope.

Hope in finding survivors in the rubble. Hope of being reunited with loved ones.

Hope that there is help on the way. Because there is. In the form of an entire nation praying, donating, volunteering to put their community back together.

Here is how you can bring hope to the victims of the Oklahoma tornado.


teachers are heros

AP photo

Have a safe day. Pray for Oklahoma. Hug your loves.


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