Friday’s Photo Finish

3M in a bag

Thanks all for ending my week on a high note. My most personal blog post to date, “The Size of “Cool”, was my highest viewed post ever. All your comments were much appreciated. Too make me even happier, feel free to invite friends over and join my crazy little blog. I’ll make you happy by letting you in on all my crazy parenting pitfalls so you feel like a better parent! Or if you don’t have kids and have like, I don’t know, huge cats that you treat like kids (not that I know anyone like that….Dave….), you’ll feel much better that you don’t have kids! Or maybe just feel crazy that you have such freakishly large cats.


I’ve got a wedding of a great friend and a going away party for another great friend Saturday night and the kids are GOING AWAY OVERNIGHT to a crazy persons friends house. Which means I can have more than my typical 4 2 glasses of wine because I can SLEEP. IN!

Pi has already asked me if he needs to plan on being a “single parent” on Sunday. Hmmmm. Let’s see….he was in Vegas for our 5 year anniversary and Mother’s Day….

The answer is Yes.

Everyone have a great crazy day!

And to my friend PEW! YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!



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