Kids in the Garden

I love to garden. Well, I love the thought of a good garden. One that looks nice and colorful and you find on the cover of Southern Living. Then there is my garden. It is more dirt these days than anything else. We have our few successful bushes and shrubs, but then there is dirt. Which, of course, turns to mud when it rains. Which is then tracked into our house. Which then leads to Pi going into a floor cleaning frenzy (seriously- he has been known to follow 3M around on the back patio with a broom and dustpan. Out on the PATIO. Where dirt belongs).

We also have a veggie garden on our back patio and in a community garden across the street. Did you know that gardens are a lot of work? And require lots of water? Who knew. I thought, hey- spread some seeds and get a salad. And also did you know that lettuce and tomatoes- my 2 main salad ingredients- do not harvest at the same time? What the hell is that about? Actually, barely any veggies that I put in salad are ready to harvest when the lettuce is. And then when the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are ready it is too hot for lettuce. Seriously. What the hell.


Gardens are a lot of work. Thankfully we have a 3 year old that doesn’t mind hard labor.


And she loves planting seeds. She does not, however, have any concept of spacing the seeds or counting out how many can go in a hole that is 1/4 inch deep (or know what “1/4 deep is” for that matter). Apparently, I don’t either. So we have things growing all willy-nilly. She also did some “rogue” planting. When she was left out on the patio eating dinner by herself (she has recently refused to eat indoors), she took it upon herself to “plant mommy’s garden” and all on her own planted the broccoli seedlings. Too. Cute.

But she loves it, and I love that she loves it. Because they say that kids are more likely to eat what comes right out of their garden. Perhaps these people spewing those facts have some sort of candy garden.

Because if it is leafy and any kind of green, 3M is not eating it. If it is round, red and not an apple- nope. Not touching it.

Doesn’t matter that the peppers are “sweet like candy”, they are NOT candy so nope, not eating it.

3M has the book “My Garden”, which she loves. It is all about a young girl helping her mom in the garden (awww) and dreaming of her perfect garden.

Which would include a jelly bean bush and a lollipop tree.

Not helping kids choose vegetables, eh?

No jelly bean bushes

No jelly bean bushes

Have a great crazy day!


2 thoughts on “Kids in the Garden

  1. Candy garden!! That’s the secret alright!! I totally love how you slipped in “she has recently refused to eat indoors”. That really made me giggle. That age is just so adorbs. Oh, I remember those days!!
    Your garden looks pretty impressive to me, even though you do lack the jelly bean bushes!!

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