Words With Kids

When 3M was a baby, Pi and I used to “talk for her”. You know, talk in a voice as if we were her. We’d do this in situations where we’d be wondering what she would say about a given situation. Such as:

“Uh, momma, could you break yourself away from the computer and come over here and change this diaper? yeah, thanks, that’d be great.”


“You wanna know why I spit this rice cereal on the floor? Because it tastes like paper, that’s why!”

This is not dissimilar to how we’d “speak” for the dog. I know, wrong.

But when you have an infant you can only guess what they would say about anything- obviously all they can do is cry bloody murder when they are upset about something (anything) or give the worlds cutest smile when they are happy.

I would dream of the kinds of conversations we would have- from the silly nonsensical conversations as a toddler to the mom-to-daughter talks as she got older. I would sit and wonder what she would have to say.

You wait and wait and wait for those first words.

I remember 3M’s first word only  because we actually caught it on video. If I hadn’t caught it on video I probably wouldn’t have remembered because let’s face it, I don’t remember what day it is half the time.

Pi had just gotten me a flip video camera and we were taking our very first video. What did she do?

She said “momma” for the very first time”

Such a show off.

From her first word came a slew of one word phrases, mostly for things she wanted. As with most babies learning to talk, they often sounded nothing like what she was asking for. Example- she called her diaper a “boppy”.  Yeah, not even close.

And also as most kids, she adoreably mixed words up. My favorite- which she still misprounounces to this day- is “skameeto”. Such as, “I have itchy skameeto bites on my leg”. Too cute, right? She actually has prounounced it right before, but I was so sad about it and said so out loud that now she’s gone back to pronouncing it incorrectly. I hope she does it forever.

My niece- cute as a button Miss C- had a favorite misprounounced word: “flying mango”. Say it a few times fast….can you get it?

Flying Mango

Flying Mango

Now 3M is talking a lot. I mean, constantly.

We pray and pray and pray that she will be quiet.

One recent conversation went like this:

“mommy, mommy, mommy- I have to tell you something. Today I put ice in the drain and it goes whoosh up the drain and turns into a helicopter!”

You know when she wants to talk to me the most? When I am on the phone. She has things she MUST tell me RIGHT.NOW. No, it CANNOT wait. I will quickly excuse myself to the poor person on the other line (who am I kidding, it’s most always my mom and she gets a huge kick out of it because I did the same thing and she is now laughing her ass off at the payback) for her to tell me:

“I have a boogie in my nose”.

That is breaking news in our house.

Right now I am relishing all the conversations with my daughter. I know that in time she will revert back to the one word phrases in answer to my questions. Gone will be the drawn out, detailed, exaggerated beyond any semblance of truth replies. And I will miss them.

So for now I will listen to her talk about how she and her friends flew up into the clouds with the dinosaurs at recess and I will excuse myself from my 5th phone conversation of the day with my mom to listen to 3M tell me how she found a rock and I need to come see it RIGHT.NOW.

And I will hopefully hear her say “skameeto” a couple more times.


Have a great crazy day!


3 thoughts on “Words With Kids

  1. I know, right? right now 3M likes to give the dog treats, which she calls “appetites”(for appetizers). 🙂

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