I’m Going Out…And I Am NOT Feeling Guilty…well, maybe just a little.

girls night out

I am giddy with excitement- I am going out with my girls tonight!

Amy and Caitlin rock and I don’t see them nearly enough. But tonight we are going out to the movies and I couldn’t be more excited.

Adult conversation.

Possibly (wait, definitely) adult beverages (um, Amy and Caitlin, there ARE going to be adult beverages…right?? I am not wasting a night out if there are no adult beverages. You guys rock and all, but really….adult beverages).

A dark movie theater which means….possibly a nap.

Kidding. I intend to stay awake the entire time. Maybe just a little cat nap during the credits.

I have such great friends and I don’t see them nearly enough. I get a case of the mom-guilts if I go out during the week because that means I will see my kiddo’s for all of 30 minutes or so. That breaks my heart a little bit, though I know when they are older they’ll never even remember the night momma abandoned them.

And sometimes (sometimes, not always) I get a case of the wife-guilts if I go out and leave Pi home alone (what could go wrong?) with the kiddo’s. Don’t get me wrong- he is a rock star dad and doesn’t consider it a chore to take care of his own kids (this mention of my husband is for you, MQ). But I know that sometimes things don’t go as smoothly when I’m not home, though my being at home doesn’t mean things go smoothly by any means. But at least you have someone to “tag, you’re it” at the 10th time 3M comes down to tell us we need to talk to her brain and tell it to let her sleep. Because really, if you are by yourself at that 10th time, you are much more likely to snap and say “shut the fuck up brain”. 

Did I mention that I am also going out Friday night? Yep- 2 nights in a week! I hit the girls night out lottery! My friend Michael (equally awesome to Amy and Caitlin) and I have started up our long defunct book club. And knowing that, like us with 2 kids each, reading an entire novel could be a daunting task, we choose an adult book AND a kids book. Chances are that everyone will have had the opportunity to at least read the kids book- more likely they have probably read it like, 100 times.

I chose the book this week (The Lifeboat by Charolotte Rogan). Guess I should get started on that…been a little busy. No worries though- I have read “Don’t Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late” by Mo Willem around, oh, 100 times.

PigeonHave a great crazy day!

The Lifeboat


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