Weekend in Review

We had a busy weekend with nothing planned. Doesn’t make sense? No, it doesn’t. It seems the less we have planned on any given weekend, the busier we are. Perhaps it’s because we try to fit in all the stuff we need to do on the weekends we have nothing to do.

Yeah, still doesn’t make sense to me, either.

First thing that happened was Armageddon, which I talked about Friday. My husband and I totally forgot that 3M’s friend was coming over for a sleepover until, like, the minute before. All was fine. They stayed up and caused toddler type trouble until around 11pm.

Than this happened Saturday afternoon.

Epic Fit

Epic Fit

Followed shortly by this:

Post Sleep-Over Crash

Post Sleep-Over Crash

So of course SJ couldn’t allow the house to finally be silent:

SJ's 2 Cents

SJ’s 2 Cents

On Sunday we went over to her friends house to see their new furniture, which I covet, and when we came in the house my friend said, “take off your shoes!” and her daughter followed it up with, “3M,do you want to take your clothes off?” HAHAHA, such cute kids.

We should have paid more attention, because then this happened:

Notice the arm ushering them back up the stairs to find their clothes....

Notice the arm ushering them back up the stairs to find their clothes….

And the weekend ended with me saying something I thought I’d never say, (which  No Time For Flashcards brought up in her tweet about things you never thought you’d hear yourself say):

“No, we do not poop in the garden.”

What have you said to your kids that you thought you’d never hear yourself say?

Have a great crazy day!


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