“Extra Storage Space” aka “The Staircase”

Some days I wish I had a ranch style house with just one level. Why? Because then I wouldn’t have to be running up steps all day long putting the never ending laundry away or taking up random crap that belongs upstairs.

But let’s be honest, who really does that? Who takes the laundry upstairs right after it’s finished or runs the 10th article of random crap we found on the floor upstairs where it belongs?

None of us. What do we do with it? Everyone say it with me….

We put it on the stairs.

That’s right- the “extra storage space” in everyones multi-level house. It’s the purgatory of putting things away. If they are on the stairs, it’s like they are ALMOST put away. They just need the final step- the next person to go upstairs to grab them on their way up. And that, of course, happens…..


Which is why we all end up with this:

Endless piles of stair crap

Endless piles of stair crap

Not only are their items that have been waiting in “put away purgatory” for WEEKS, but there are also things that are waiting to go to storage. Then there are the bags that are used frequently enough that we don’t want to put them upstairs (because you know, all those steps to go get them), but infrequently enough that they clutter up any available chair to hang them on. And I hate clutter.

Can’t you tell?

So on this beautiful, warm, sunny day we are determined to clear the stairs of put away purgatory. I am pretty sure that’s going to happen. And if it doesn’t happen today, it will definitely get done tomorrow. Well, if it doesn’t get done tomorrow, we don’t have much going on next weekend….

Where do you have your “extra storage space”?

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A Mother Life

Have a great crazy day!


4 thoughts on ““Extra Storage Space” aka “The Staircase”

  1. I totally have that and WORSE! My laundry room is in the basement, so I throw dirty laundry down the stairs until I have a chance to do the wash. I posted a picture to Facebook of the stairway, and I had to write “FIND the stairs” because there was SO MUCH laundry you couldn’t even see the stairs!

  2. I broke down and bought 4 baskets at the dollar store. Now all the stairs crap is at least divided up and appropriated for each person. Do THEY take their baskets up the half stairs rest of the way?

    Of course not. Great Hook Up

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