Just Like Mommy #1

Isn’t it awesome when your kids are in the phase where they look up to you, want to be like you, can’t get enough of you? Sure, when you need to do something alone like take a shower or use the bathroom, THEN it is annoying. But other times it just warms your heart. And I know the days of not wanting to be with me, thinking I am a dork, and not being able to get away from me quick enough will come in a flash. So I cherish each little adoreable moment. Like this one:

Just Like Mommy

Just Like Mommy

Since my closet is conveniently located in my girls room, I end up with my shoes being placed under my bed at night because I don’t want to go in and put them in my closet and wake the girls. The other night I went upstairs, was putting my shoes under the bed when I noticed a little, scuffed pair of bright pink shoes mixed in with mine. Just thinking of my sweet 3M putting her shoes under my bed…>sigh<, teary smile, heart growing.

Have a great crazy day!


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