Forget “Mommy Juice”. I Drink Wine, And Lots Of It.

Being a mom DOES come with some perks.  One of those perks is sitting down with a glass of wine at the end of the day, taking a deep breath and reveling in the fact that you made it through another day with everyone ending up in bed in one piece.

In some cases that glass of wine is needed in the middle of the day, after the 4th game of Chutes and Ladders, 10th reading of “Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus” and the 100th request for “just a little snack”. And in some emergency situations that glass of wine is needed first thing in the morning after 3 middle of the night diaper blow outs, a breakfast time fiasco that resulted in “eggs scraped off the floor” being the main dish, and realizing you are out of coffee.

I spend the entire day looking forward to that glass of wine. I deserve it, just like when 3M gets a popsicle after a doctor’s visit, even when she rolled around on the floor for 20 minutes because she refused to get on the scale to be weighed. Takes her shots like a champ; put her in front of a scale and OMG you need to put her in a straight jacket.

My question is; why do we need to hide it? Why all of a sudden are we calling it Mommy Juice or Mommy’s Milk or Daddy’s Punch? Why not just be honest and say “You kids cause my hair to fall out and I need a nice stiff drink at the end of the day. You’ll have your chance some day!”  3M knows I drink wine and that she can drink it when “I am a dult”.  3M shares in our celebratory “cheers!” and will even say “mommy, you need to get your wine!” if I try to cheers with water.

We spent YEARS of needing to hide the fact that we were drinking. We are now at an age where we don’t need to “hide” our drinks in red solo cups, we don’t need fake ID’s to buy beer at our local grocery store (but please cashier, make our day and card us please!), we don’t need to tell our parents we’re going to the movies with our friends and then sneak to the “no parents” party with the keg and beer pong games (except we played quarters and I’ve got MAD quarterz skillz). How did it come about that now as adults, responsible enough to be raising children without it being scandalous enough to result  in having a reality show, that we have to start hiding our drinking again??

I think it is perfectly okay to start drinking frozen margarita’s in the middle of the day on the patio when it’s nice and sunny out. We’re not talking having a bender and doing tequilla shots (well, maybe not in the middle of the day)….but having a few drinks with friends on the weekend to celebrate you have made it through the week without having lost any of your children? What’s wrong with that? Hell, a Tuesday night to celebrate the fact my child made it through the day without taking her pants off in public…that’s good enough for me!

When I was younger and used to spend the summer at the beach, my parents and their friends had an “adults only” circle in the afternoon. They would gather their beach chairs in a circle, break out the beers and kids were not allowed to interrupt unless someone was drowning, and even that was questionable. Isn’t that what lifeguards were for?

3M knows that adult drinks are off limits. When going to a birthday party I was giving her expectations for her behavior and told her that she may have water, milk, or juice, but no soda. And she turned to me and said; “And no beer, mommy. And no wine. Those are YOUR drinks. I can have those when I’m a dult.”

What do you call your drinks?

Have a great crazy day! Cheers!  Click on the pic for more great posts!

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6 thoughts on “Forget “Mommy Juice”. I Drink Wine, And Lots Of It.

    • Kathy and Hoda are drinking at 10am on the Today show….so take that with a grain of salt (and a shot of tequilla to go with it!)

    • Ha! Pi’s memere used to do a shot of whiskey every night before bed. Said that she’d feel dizzy, lay down and next thing she knew it was morning. I think we should market that for the kids!

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