5 Things I Learned This Easter

Oh, it was so much more fun when you still believed that Santa came down the chimney, the tooth fairy left a quarter under the pillow (though my brother, when his daughter lost her first tooth, thought that “$20 should do it, right?” My sis in law took over and left 50 cents), and the Easter Bunny hid all those eggs in the yard.

It was also a lot less tiring. Here is what I learned this Easter:

1. Easter is exhausting. One word (okay, a string of words):  Kids Easter Egg Hunts. Are you kidding me?? At least with Christmas you can sit there with your coffee spiked with (insert appropriate morning liquer here) and watch your kids tear through their presents from the couch. Sure, you could watch your child run around and collect all the Easter Eggs, but you know what? Kids are CUT THROAT at these Easter Egg Hunts. I’m telling you, it you are not right there your little precious that is just about to put the “most awesomest egg” in basket will have it swiped right out of their hands quicker than you can say “swiper no swiping!”.

2. Jelly beans have jumped the shark. It used to be that red was strawberry, yellow was lemon, green was lime and orange was orange. NOW…well, they had to go get all fancy shmancy. There are at least 10 different red flavors in addition to strawberry, speckled ones that are supposed to be everything from lemon merangue pie to chocolate milkshake. My daughter holds up a colored jelly bean now, asking me what flavor it is and I’ve no idea. Why did it have to get so complicated!? What was wrong with the regular fruit flavors?? Which brings me to the eggs you hide them in….

3. Whose bright idea was it to make those little plastic eggs in the shape of different cute animals?! You never really heard kids fighting over the different colored eggs…they were all the same shape. Now you’ve got eggs in the shape of monkey’s and pigs and cows…which sorta make them not eggs anymore. They were sort of having a weird “jungle/farm animal hunt”. Bizarre.

4. A 4 month old really doesn’t care about their Easter Basket so there was no reason to spend $100 at the Target $1 bin aisle.

5. Staying up late to watch March Madness basket-ball does not lend itself to waking early to hide eggs. And 3M is quickly figuring out that there is no such thing as Easter Basketball and wants to watch Hop. Again.

I hope everyone finds loads of questionable flavored jelly beans in jungle animal head eggs!

Have a great crazy day!


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