6 Preschool Rules I Break On A Regular Basis

My daughter is in preschool and it of course comes with rules. I am a fan of rules. They provide a way to teach kids good manners and social skills and keeps them from seriously injuring each other. I also treat “the rules” as some sort of entity to blame when my precious 3M has done something that needs consequences. “It’s not my fault, it’s THE RULES”. That’s right- mommy had noooothing to do with it.

Now, while I am a huge fan of rules for my daughter, that doesn’t mean I would make a good model for following said rules. Let’s check in and see all the ways I would have been sent to “sit and watch” (a very nice term for time-out)  for breaking those rules.

Rule #1- Stay in your own space: This rule was designed to keep those little rug rats from invading each others space during “morning circle” resulting in tussles worthy of the World Wrestling Federation. Obviously this one is lacking in carryover if parents the world over are nearly throwing their kids out the car window from hearing “get over on your side! This is my side!” during long car rides. For me this would be the great bed divide. I like my own space- don’t cross that line hubby, or you’re in for it. However, I also like to take most of his side. Comes from being pregnant and needing LOTS of bed space. I don’t share my space well, and I hog most of his. My husbands side of the bed is now the couch.

Rule #2- Keep your hands and feet to yourself: After the bazillionth time of tripping over the dog, who has plopped down right in the middle of the kitchen when I am trying to get dinner ready, can’t say I’ve not given her a good kick in the rump.

Rule #3- Use an inside voice and BE KIND: I break this rule just about every time I am in my car. Living in DC there are some bad ass drivers and they need a good telling off. I usually rant about their poor driving skills and perhaps have let a few expletives fly when the littles were present. (Of course, with windows up so the other drivers can’t hear me- this IS DC, I am not crazy!). One time I was in traffic and one car cut another car off (I wasn’t involved in said cutting off) and honked their horn. I then hear a small voice coming from the back of my car say “Bitch!”. Guess those expletives were a little too often….

Rule #4- Try your best. Gosh. ALL the time?? So tiring….

Rule #5- Don’t take things that don’t belong to you. I told my daughter under no cirucumstances was she allowed to sneak her friends snacks out of their cubby and eat them during nap time. Then I finished off her Valentine’s Day candy while she was sleeping….

Rule #6- Follow directions the first time. This would actually be for my husband. Things would be sooooo much easier if he’d just listen to me the first time!

Go ahead, send me to mommy time-out….

I'll bring the glass....

I’ll bring the glass….

What rules do YOU break? You know you do it……

Have a great crazy day!


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