What To Do On A Snowy Spring Day

As a friend of mine posted today:

“March is indeed going out like a lamb… pretty, white, fluffy, and easily defeated with a sturdy snow shovel.”

That damn groundhog needs to be beaten with same said shovel for fraud. Clearly he has things turned around. Every year he sees his shadow we’ve had weather in the 70’s aroudn this time. This year he doesn’t see his shadow and it’s snowing end of March. Thank goodness I had 3M play hooky today so she can play in the snow, since our last “snow day” produced exactly 0 inches of snow.

As I didn’t really pack her for Grammy’s to include snow boots, she will be going out in her canvas vans with 2 pairs of socks and I will just hope she has the sense to come in when her feet get cold instead of staying out until her big toe gets frostbite.

As Easter is this weekend I got my girls really cute, very Spring-like Easter dresses- picture tulle lined, butterfly designed, halter style dresses- for the big Easter Egg Hunt and pictures with their cousins. We are celebrating Easter a bit early since her cousins are here this week. I can just see them, so sweet sitting with their colorful Easter baskets. Like last year.

Sweet Easter Babies

Sweet Easter Babies

So cute, right?

Well, there may be a change in plans for outfits to include snowpants, mittens and hats and maybe a snow bunny and an easter snowegg fight.  

Not as Easter-y.

One thing Easter-y we did have planned was dyeing Easter Eggs. While in theory this should be funfunfunfun! In reality it is filled with cups of vinegary dye solution tipping over and making a mess of everything, requiring layers of newspapers lining the tables,floors, and smocks for kiddo’s who will still manage to stain their clothes.

The girls were so excited that they actually brought “Easter egg design plans” to the table:

Easter Egg Plans

Easter Egg Plans

Well, I found a great alternative to the typical Easter Egg dye kits. Shaving cream and food coloring. Yes, still a bit messy on the hands, but it doesn’t spill. And it smells minty fresh!

First, spray shaving cream into bowls (I used paper plate bowls for easy clean up) and mix with a few drops of food coloring.


Yes, hands get messy. But NOTHING SPILLS OVER. You can hold those suckers upside down and the shaving cream holds put.

messy hands

Then you just plop the egg in a bowl, cover it up with the colored shaving cream, wait a few minutes and wipe off with a paper towel. You can pop into more than one shaving cream concoction for a pretty cool result.

Not too shabby

Not too shabby

So. Pretty great activity, right? Kept them busy and in some semblance of control for around 45 minutes. And I get credit for being a “crafty kind of mom” for at least the afternoon. Best part? I was at my mom’s and was able to show off my parenting prowess. Score!

Then they played a tune on the piano called “I farted”.

Oh well!

Have a great crazy day!


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