The Cousins Are Coming!

Well our household is a buzzin’! The cousins are coming! The cousins are coming!

My brother and his family live in Arizona so we don’t see them much. So when we do it’s A BIG DEAL! There is staying up late and eating lots of treats and watching movies and eating more treats because we’ll also BE AT GRAMMY’S!

They are staying at my parent’s house 45 minutes away. And since 3M’s Spring Break is the week AFTER theirs, it will be an every evening commute to go hang out. No problem. I figure, how difficult can THAT be?

5:45am- wake up, shower

6:00am- feed SJ

7am-5pm- WORK

5pm- pick up 3M from school

5:15pm- pick up SJ from nanny (is 15 minutes realistic here? Somehow I don’t think so)

5:30- Drive  from DC to Bethesda. During rush hour. 45 minutes. Allow 2 hours.

8pm-Have dinner (this is now past 3M’s bedtime)

9pm-Drive back to DC (3M will sleep)

10pm-Get 3M to bed.(Since 3M slept in the car, she will now be wide awake)

12am- 3M finally asleep

Times that by 3 evenings next week.

OY. What we do for family!

Notice I didn’t even include SJ in that schedule. I am just assuming that, at 4 months, she will be cooperative to this drastic change in schedule and nap/eat/sleep at the appropriate times. No worries, right?

It is so worth it though because I get to hang out with these guys:

Who wouldn't love these faces?

Who wouldn’t love these faces?

Well, minus the big scary looking Easter Bunny.

Here’s to a crazy weekend!


One thought on “The Cousins Are Coming!

  1. Calie’s hand plant on SJ’s face followed by MMM and Miss C packed into a single sleeping bag was totally worth it!

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