A Great Day

I had a great day today. Didn’t have any big plans and didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. But then again, my days are not really ordinary even on an ordinary day. I found myself laughing out loud a dozen times, scratching my head in disbelief twice that amount and wondering how in the world my life turned into such a circus.

I woke up and things were calm. SJ was still sleeping (at 7:30am!) and 3M jumped into bed with me with a pile of books for a good solid 30 minutes or quiet mommy/daughter reading time.

The normal pretty much stops there.

When it was time to get dressed and go with daddy to take the dog for a walk, here is the outfit she picked out:

A tutu. And that's it.

A tutu. And that’s it.

So we sent her back to put a little more on and got a more parent approved outfit:

I especially love the polka dot socks with pink butterfly shoes.

I especially love the polka dot socks with pink butterfly shoes.

Taking advantage of the warm weather we decide to work in the garden.

We first needed to spread out the garden soil.

barefoot gardening

Then we did some planting.

Growing sheep.

Growing sheep.


Then we had to clear out the weeds.

pantless gardening

Gardening at our place is pants optional.

And then some love for the pooch.


Take note of the cool purple penguin socks with pink fancy shoes.

The only meltdown we had was when 3M couldn’t make a flower with her “dot art” paints. She didn’t like how her daddy did them and began kicking them all over the floor. Finally she said, “I’m trying not to, but the crying won’t go away”. So then we just had to hug her because omg how cute. Such a little body with such big emotions.

Right now she is upstairs reading Peter Rabbit to her sleeping sister and keeps coming downstairs asking us the names of the 3 bunniess- she keeps forgetting “Flopsy”.

So the end to another day, filled with pants-free garden chores and tutu’s.

It really doesn’t get much better.

Have a great crazy day!


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