Monday Blues

The Monday Blues are here. I’ve not had them for almost 4 months. I’ve not even really known what day it is when I’ve woken up because I’ve been on maternity leave. But today- today was the first day of sending my little bundle of cute love SJ off to the nanny. I still have a week left, but decided to start SJ at the nanny so we could tweak the schedule, see how early I actually need to get up to get us both ready and out of the house.

It didn’t help that it’s the Monday after “springing forward” into Daylight Savings.

Didn’t help that 3M woke me up at 5am to let me know her covers were “off her body”.

It didn’t help that I spent all the time I should have been using to shower and get dressed to kiss those cute cheeks, smell her baby smell head, nuzzle her sweet neck, and squeeze her extra tight. I was having quite the mommy moment.

I skipped the shower, skipped getting “ready for work”. Cudding with my sweet love was more important use of my time.

When I went back to work after having 3M I was practically running out the door, throwing her at her day care teacher and bolting out to my car. I couldn’t get back to work fast enough. Adult company! Real conversation! A break from diapers!

Now…well, I am not so quick to part from SJ. And it’s not just with going back to work- 3M went into her crib at 1 month. I just put SJ in her crib for the whole night this weekend. I like having her close. I like being there with her and I am fine with her company above all others.

Believe me,  I love seeing my friends, I love being productive. I love my job.

Just right now, I love being a mom more.

Oh, here we go. Where are those tissues???

In all her sweetness

In all her sweetness

Have a great crazy day!


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