Why I Watch E! News

I have irrational fears. Once I became a mom, I developed crazy, irrational fears. Such as- I would drop a heavy pan on my crawling baby while cooking, a tree branch would fall on my happy, running child, and every mom’s irrational fear- a python would somehow find its way into my sleeping infants crib and wrap itself around her. I told myself I was being ridiculous, that my new mommy hormones were getting the best of me. We don’t own a python and we don’t even live in the Florida Everglades.

So I relaxed and told myself I didn’t need to worry, at least about that.

EXCEPT then…..I saw this!!!


A family discovered a python had gotten into their baby’s crib and had wrapped itself around his foot. This family didn’t live in Florida and they didn’t own a python. But that did NOT KEEP THEIR BABY SAFE. One would think that the only precaution you would need to take from ensuring your defenseless, sleeping infant didn’t get wrapped up by a python would be not to own one. Or to not live in the Florida Everglades.

Apparently not.

Re-enter irrational fear. Just writing this brings it back and I’ve checked on sleeping SJ twice.

However, as irrational as that fear is, the news reports on dozens of stories of, as my brother states it, “babies in peril”, in very real situations that one would not think of. Flesh eating bacteria after ziplining, abductions by crazy people on a child’s first time walking home from school, walking into a plane propeller (okay, she was older, but I guarantee still her parent’s “baby”)….who would worry about those things? Who would say “hey, better not go out and play today, you may lose all your limbs”. However, these stories are on the news seemingly all the time. If I keep watching the news my irrational fears will spiral out of control.

My mommy brain can’t take it.

So I turn into E! News every night. I watch Giuliana Rancic (who, btw, I went to high school with. Well, we went to the same high school- she was several grades below me and I never met her. But I WAS in her sisters grade and we were, sort of,  friends. See that, name dropping already) report on all things celebrity and Hollywood. My mommy brain is much more capable of processing news of how celebrities dress up, go on tropical vacations, get shiny acting awards, date other great looking actors and have great looking babies. Look at that, Ben Affleck taking his daughters to the farmers market, Reese Witherspoon walking out of church with her kiddo’s, Angelina and Brad with their brood coming out of a candy store- THOSE baby stories I can take.

You can have your real news. I will stick to E! News. Now, excuse me while I go and make sure python’s have not invaded my baby’s crib…..

Sleeping, without snakes

Sleeping, without snakes

Have a great crazy day!


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