A No Snow Snow Day

Thanks Mr. Weatherman. You know what’s worse than having everyone home on a day during the week for a snow day? Having everyone home for a snow day when THERE IS NO SNOW.

No snowmen to make. No snowball fights.

You do realize, Mr. Weatherman, how much little kids LOVE the snow? So when school closes for a snow day and there is no snow, this is what you get:

Notice all the snow

Notice all the snow

Is there anything more sad than this? I won’t show you a picture of her face, all sad and mopey and asking me in her cute little voice, “but Mommy, where is all the snow?”.

Yes, Mr. Weatherman, where is all the snow? Where is all the snow that I was to send my daughter out in for a good long time to tire her out and be ready for afternoon nap? Did you know that sitting about on the couch all day watching Cinderella does NOT promote napping? Nope. No snow on a snow day promote’s a whole bunch of whining about how there is no snow, multiple viewings of stellar TV shows such as “Bubble Guppies” and mommy and daddy drinking bailey’s and coffee very early in the morning.

I was about to break into shaving cream play with food coloring, but fortunately my neighbor texted me if 3M would be available to come over and play for the afternoon with her daughter. This is usually code for “I need to clean the house and will never be able to get anything done if your daughter does not come over and provide distraction for my daughter”. I was happy to oblige.

Disasterous mess off shaving cream play averted.

BUT- if anyone is ever stuck inside for the day and need a break from the TV because they will commit a crime if they watch “Madagascar” one more time (crime, time- that rhymes! See- need a break…need a break!), I suggest you check out The Artful Parent (see sidebar for Blogs I follow). She’s got great ideas for all things arts and crafty, PLUS a book she just put out that I have ordered. I joke about messy play, but it is a lifesaver and really cheap and usually can be done with things around the house (shaving cream, food coloring, etc).

3M did make a great drawing yesterday in preparation for making her snowman today (hear that Mr. Weatherman? Picture sad mopey face here):

"This is a snowman's butt with my teachers' names around it"....um, okay...

“This is a snowman’s butt with my teachers’ names around it”….um, okay…

Hope everyone survived non-snowquester!


Have aA Mother Lifegreat crazy day!



5 thoughts on “A No Snow Snow Day

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  2. The No Snow Snow Days are the worst! We had lots of those when we lived in the Pacific Northwest. Now it’s California No Snow Ever Days. Disappointment of another variety. I’ll definitely check out the blog. Cheers!

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